Does Money Buy Happiness? Essay That Makes a Difference

There’s a whole range of topics hard and interesting for students at the same time. You can’t write essays in an hour. You need to separate strong arguments from some philosophical aspects, which definitely makes an essay more competitive.

One such topic sounds like “Does money buy happiness?”. The essay should embrace a rhetorical question in a modern interpretation, so it follows the mindset of people living in the XXI century.

money can buy happiness essay

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Basic Problem

What about money and other material things we’ve been so attached to for a very long time? Some people would say money can buy you happiness because they suppose money is an embodiment of power, while others disagree.

Can money buy happiness? An argumentative essay is the best way to present your point of view to a reader in the right perspective. We can’t say it’s stupid to just answer “Yes” or “No”, but becoming smarter and demanding, the world requires proof instead of a simple idea.

Possessing big amounts of money you can use it for expensive goods to purchase, but the satisfaction is 80% limited. Essay Ray is the best essay writing service for college students, so we can definitely give you good advice regarding the side you’re on when thinking about this dilemma.

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What Lies Underneath?

One of the opening things for your future essay can be “People want to be happy”. It’s simple but effective – why going far with complicated quotes being bothered with an advanced grammar? If you offer money can buy happiness, the essay needs to explore what happiness means to many people.

“I am happy” doesn’t appear out of nowhere. You should create happiness and built it from the ground up. It’s also a decision in one’s mind: “I decide (choose) to be happy from now on”. Believe it or not, but the procedure is as simple as ABC.

You can explore relationships being one of the most important indicators of happiness for many people. Go deep down into statistics, and discover how many of them were in toxic and cynical relationships. How many admitted they’ve been depended on some situations or another person without fulfilling their core needs. Research a percentage of people in a few previous years and evaluate the factors, which were of the utmost importance when it comes to outside influence.

Essay Rate Advice: Be Smart

does money buy happiness essay

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Means review the arguments 2-3 times before using them in your paper. You should write a persuasive essay about money. Don’t hesitate to remake everything or change some details at the last minute and don’t use the information in which you are not sure. Our writers can also share a bit of experience when consulting students. Being specialists in different areas of life, we are never alike considering it a huge benefit.

You can put a bigger accent on a chemical compound of happiness aka dopamine transformation. People express the result of such a reaction in many ways, smiling or glowing in a sight of pleasure. Others just don’t show most emotions physically keeping it inside.

Consider a job factor as one of the significant ones as well. How many people are satisfied with their position, work environment, salary, etc? Do they need to change something? Do they want to? Or they’re just staying on a pendulum principle, not aiming to leave a comfort zone?

Be honest with a reader – no matter you’re writing for a professor, a close friend or your grandma. Try to not be an expert, but the one who doesn’t interest in a current problem and is not trying to find one unique solution. Can money buy happiness or not has a different answer for most people, and most of these answers will be right so don’t consider this topic of an essay as a challenge to find one solution for everyone.

Summing Up

In conclusion, happiness can be found – any time, place or situation. It can be not just momentary pleasure, but a long-lasting process, coming to a person randomly in many ways and most unexpectedly. In fact, most people have to work very hard to finally find happiness and experience this feeling for the very first time, so they can make the best possible version of it.