How to Ignore Irrelevant Information (Practical Focus Tips for Students)

In the modern world, it’s hard to concentrate on an important task due to the enormous number of factors. They may distract us or even discourage. So, you should keep in your mind the list of irritants, which you must put away immediately.


Things That You Should Get Rid of While Studying

It’s essential to acknowledge that some things are useless and distract you from your aim. Also, it has been proven: nobody is able to do multitasking; you will only make your studying worse and pointless. Therefore, before making research don’t forget to cast away:

1. The Internet

Needless to say, the Internet must be the first thing you should forget about during studying. Most of the people are tend to be easily distracted and, as a result, they will check their social media instead of doing what they need. So, on one hand, close all of your tabs and focus on duty.

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Thus, you should focus only on relevant information and put away unnecessary websites.

2. Smartphones

Keeping a smartphone near you will cause the same problems as the Internet. You can simply think about playing a game for a little bit but then forget about your pile of tasks. Consequently, try to ignore your smartphone until you are done with studying.

3. Music

In 1993 Dr. Rauscher made research and proved that listening to music before the studying improves the quality of it. On the contrary, he insisted on turning off music during the process, especially while learning something new. So, it’s recommended to study in a silent place.

Nevertheless, if you are in public or in other noisy places, you can listen to classical music or music without the lyrics.

How to Study More Efficiently

There are a bunch of different tips, which will suit somebody’s preference. We collected the most efficient ones that will definitely satisfy everybody.

1. Make a detailed to-do list

If you write down all your duties, it will be easier to follow. Margarita Tartakovsky, an Associate Editor at Psych Central, reckons that our brain has an ability to cope with smaller tasks than give all of its attention to one giant problem. So, you will do everything better and faster with the help of a structured list.

2. Set a timer

Another great trick to filter irrelevant information is to set a timer. You won’t have enough time to bother with anything else but study. Jason Fitzpatrick, a writer for, advises using the good old timer on your watch. In his opinion, timers in your phones will distract from working, because of different notifications.

3. Don’t forget to take a rest

Nobody is capable to deal with a lot of stress over and over. The solution to this problem is to take a break every hour of your studying. You can go outside for a little bit or just sit and relax on the couch. However, it’s advised not to check your social media or play games, because you will postpone your remaining work. In addition, your break must be no longer than 15 minutes.

Don’t forget to take a rest

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4. Give yourself rewards

That option is up to you, but this will increase your interest in studying. Rewarding yourself with candy, for instance, is a great way to keep on going to the aim.

Taking everything into account, be aware of different irritants and easily remove them to study thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to take a break, because your health is the top priority. Stick with the tips above and you will do everything in time.

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